July 15, 2019

Cosy Winter Mornings | In Home Photography Westchester

I’m a real lover of the seasons.  I’m certainly not there yet, but I know that in a month or so I’ll be tired of the summer heat and yearning for a cosy winter morning spent in PJ’s or a quiet, cold night with a book by the fire.

One thing I love about winter photography sessions in my families’ homes is that there’s generally a very relaxed agenda.  There’s no Christmas Card photo to think about, and no scramble to get outside.  We hang out, we play games and read boos and tickle and cuddle and play musical chairs.  Just regular stuff that happens every day.  Frozen in photos so that you get to keep that cosy feeling.  in home photography Westchester

I’ve been photographing this sweet family in their Westchester home every winter since little brother was still al little bun in the oven.  The boys and I were especially excited to see each other for this January family session because having photographed the boys in November both at their school AND at my annual Christmas Card Micro Mini Session Event, I was fresh in their minds and they knew they were in for some FUN. (Their last family session is HERE and you can click back through all the others if you like.  Get ready for some cuteness).


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PS I forgot to mention that mama took my Freeze Ray Basics workshop this past winter, so she’ll have what it takes to keep up in between sessions on these sweet, sweet boys with their face-cracking smiles and their eyebrow dimples.  That makes me happy.