May 18, 2018

Eyebrow Dimples | Family Photography

I had a whole post written about the family whose photos I’m sharing with you here.  They’re local to me and I’ve been photographing them since little brother was still in mom’s belly.  Something happened when I just went to publish, though.  All the words I put together are gone.  Vanished.

It’s just as well, though (maybe?).  Because I wrote paragraphs — paragraphs — about my obsession with this little guy’s eyebrow dimples.  I probably was coming across as a crazy person and the WordPress gods decided to save me from myself.  (Is that it?)  In any event, it wasn’t really fair to pour SO much enthusiasm into the (admittedly insanely cute) eyebrow dimples on one little kid —  a small feature on 1/4 of this family — when the whole entire family is inspiring and awesome and fun.

Thanks for putting me in my place, WordPress.

And honestly, the photos of this family of four do enough talking on their own, don’t they?

family photography

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