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Because you can’t leave your camera roll to your grandchildren.


Since I first introduced the beloved McGuire Storybook in 2012, these beauties have been collecting on families’ shelves and enjoyed by parents and kids alike. The McGuire has been joined by three other books since then - learn each of their personalities below. 

Designed by me (no work for you!) to be enjoyed for generations.



The McGuire Storybook OR
the Lincoln Coffee Table Book?

If you choose the Storybook Collection or the Epic Collection, you’ll get to choose one of these full-sized heirloom books for displaying your favorite photos from your session. (Each is $1000 when purchased a la carte; ask about discounts for duplicate copies). 

The 10×10 McGuire Storybook Album has lay-flat, panoramic photographic pages and holds up to 50 images from your session. Additional McGuire spreads can be added at $60 per spread. 

The 14×11 Lincoln Coffee Table Book has luxurious press pages and can hold up to 100 images from your session.

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here's a
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…comparing the McGuire Storybook Album and the Lincoln Coffee Table Book.

the brag book

If you purchase The Epic Collection, you’ll also get the adorable 7x5 Brag Book, which fits right in your purse or briefcase and showcases your favorite 20 photos from your session. It’s only available as part of the Epic Collection and it’s great for gifting! 

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the gabriel companion book

The Gabriel Companion Book is an 8x8 lay flat album that looks great with the book(s) I’ve made for you and contains YOUR personal photos. It’s the answer to your “help me print my personal photos” prayers, and you can spend your print credit on it in the Gallery Shop! 

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here they are all together

“The [McGuire Storybook] is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you. In addition to the layout and photos — which I already loved — what beautiful printing!”

“Everything looks amazing!!! The [McGuire Storybook] and photos look fantastic. Thank you tons. What a fabulous keepsake to have. You do such wonderful work. Thanks a million!!!!”

“I just sat down with a glass of wine and devoured the [Lincoln Coffee Table Book]. Absolutely amazing - you capture each person in our family’s unique personality, and all their different facets! I can’t thank you enough!”