May 29, 2018

In Their Words | Kid on the Town

I’ve got a treat for you today, LYYP fans.  Last fall I did a session with the founder of Kid on the Town and her adorable family.  Mom is always on the go, always taking pictures, and always showing her kids (and kids and families throughout the area) what’s great to do in our area.  We’re pretty lucky here in our little NYC suburb.  You will never, ever, ever run out of things to do here.  In fact, you’re much more likely to get overwhelmed keeping track of your options, and that’s why Kid on the Town is such a a fantabulous resource.    This LYYP session — a birthday present from her husband —  was all about her own family at home, though.  The “everyday magic” that’s always there.  I won’t spoil it … without further ado, here’s her post:


As the founder of website Kid On The Town, a guide to culture for kids in NYC and Westchester, I have thousands of photos of my two kids out and about – at museums, concerts, parks, gourmet ice cream shops, galleries and other photogenic spots.

My amateur photo skills were improving but there was still something missing. Mainly, me. Sometimes a kind stranger would snap a photo, but usually it would look something like this:

My husband doesn’t have much patience for taking or being in photos, so in albums we were looking like a family of two.

After happening upon Jaye shooting in the yards of both our next door neighbors, and later seeing their amazing photos, I asked for a Life In Your Years session as a birthday present.

The day before the Tuesday afternoon shoot my son knocked out a front tooth, which ended up being pretty cute.

I woke up with pink eye, which was not so cute, but thanks to eye drops and meticulous hand washing our family was all clear by the next afternoon. Everyone even agreed to wear coordinating clothes, though at the last minute my daughter wanted a different dress and my husband told my son he didn’t have to change out of the camo sweat shorts he’d worn to school. Which is ok, because this is us.

And now we are all in the picture.

Kid on the Town

The shoot also captured everyday moments that would never make the Kid On The Town Instagram feed but are important to our family, such as reading books together, doing homework, playing board games and the inevitable clean-up.

Our house, our yard, their bedrooms, all the everyday magic we forget to record.

We even got some photos of just the grown-ups for change, a reminder of how we started this family in the first place.

As much as I love the city and culture, I want all of us to always remember there’s no place like home.


It certainly was a pleasure and an honor to be able to show this busy family the beauty in their more mundane moments, and to get everyone in the picture for that family album.  Be sure to check out Kid on the Town as the next stop in your stroll through the internet today — summer’s almost here, so why not start drafting your cultural bucket list?   A couple of personal favorites from their at-home session before I sign off:

I’m absolutely loving this new “In Their Words” series, aren’t you?  All LYYP clients are welcome to join in the fun — if you’ve had a session with me and I haven’t blogged it yet, drop me a line and let’s get you in the queue!

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