June 5, 2018

Beezus and Ramona | In Home Session

This miiiiight sound strange, but I want to tell you why I’m mildly obsessed with this family’s in home session.

First, let me back up. I first met this family last year at my free Christmas Card Micro Mini Session event (which I STILL have not blogged. I’m putting it on the list right now). As soon as I met them on that cold day in November, I knew we were going to have a ball at their in home session.


Well.  Obviously, they’re a gorgeous family.  But that’s not it.  It’s something about each of the four kids — each of them has their own distinct and individual personality, and each one — even in our super short micro mini session — brought it.

I almost immediately recognized the two girls as being the real-life embodiments of the main characters of my favorite book series when I was their age.  Who’s read all of Beverly Cleary’s books?  Remember Ramona the Great, Ramona the Pest, Beezus and Ramona?  Well, I do.  I absolutely loved those books when I was little, and all these years later it was like recognizing an old friend.  Their looks, their posture, their personalities and their relationship to each other were all spot on.

Now, the boys?  I can’t say I remember Henry Huggins in the same kind of detail such that I even have a picture of him in my mind, but I think either of these boys would fit in fine on Klitikat Street.

I know this is a slightly bizarre thing to write about when sharing a family’s in home session in a blog post.  The truth is that we had lots of fun that Saturday morning in March — breakfast in the kitchen, tours of the kids’ rooms and favorite toys, some snuggling and silliness on the living room couch and a full-on dance party at the end.  But when you’re lucky enough to do this kind of thing as often as I do, feeling like you’ve actually hung out with characters from your favorite book tends to  be what stands out as a highlight of the session. 😉

Mom and dad, by the way, were also super fun. Both seemed to really appreciate that the chaos they’re living through right now is the height of beauty — and that because they’re living it right now, there’s no way they’ll remember it without help.  I think this photos will do their job — show them their beautiful lives, chaos and all.

Thanks for looking,