Yeah, so you may have heard.  While my first love is photographing families at home, I’ve got something on the side that makes me really happy.  School photography.  (Really?  Like, look here, make your dopey-est looking fake smile, and choose your favorite psychedelic green-screen background? Those photos that parents chuckle at and then stuff in a drawer?)

No, no.  Not like that.  I wanted to do it a little differently, you see.  It seemed to me that just because we we take photos of preschoolers in school doesn’t mean that we need to use that assembly-line process that doesn’t even TRY to tap into the amazing personalities that all preschoolers have.

Honestly, I was even a little skeptical myself, but I decided to give it a try.  (But wait, aren’t you a family photographer?  You talk all about capturing “the real” at home as if that’s the only place that “real” stuff happens.  Who are you kidding?)

The thing is, preschoolers don’t have the hang-ups that adults have about real-ness, I’ve found.  They are who they are in every situation.  That’s what I love most about preschoolers, to be honest.  (Oh, I don’t know about this.  I’ve brought my backpack and I do NOT intend to stay very long).

Listen, I understand the skepticism.  I mean, those boring school photos are what we — and parents everywhere — have been trained to expect, right?

Anyway, several years ago now, I gave it a try.

And I LOVED IT.  And the PARENTS loved it.  And honestly?  The KIDS loved it.  And this just a little bit of what we got:

Which leaves me wondering, honestly, WHY anyone would want to do this any other way?


I’m sold.  Are you?  If you are, and if you have a preschooler, would you like for me to come to your child’s school?  I can do that.  Hop on over HERE and tell me a little about yourself, where your child goes to school, and whom I should talk to about bringing this.

I’d love to get some more preschools on my calendar, and I’d love your help!

Thanks for looking,


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