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Today you’re getting another glimpse into what the LYYP progression of one of my LYYP Baby Planners looks like.  Baby Planners are my new favorite thing, did I mention that?  If you pre-book three sessions during baby’s first year, you get all kinds of goodies and perks.  And I get to peek into (and capture, of course) that magical first year with your new baby.  Let me tell you something.  My first two babies are fifteen months apart.  That first year with number two was crazy.  Two babies in the house.  A blur, I tell you.  I honestly remember very little from that year.  Luckily, I have pictures. And so does this lovely family.  Big sister was not quite two when baby brother entered the scene.  So following a year with this family meant watching TWO babies grow and change.  Let’s go see … starting with baby brother’s

NEWBORN SESSIONThen, once brother was


(OK, this is my FAVORITE stage, and the biggest bonus of these Baby Plans — I love capturing this stage!)And just like that, baby brother’s ONE YEAR old. How fun is that, right?  If you’d like to see more details about the LYYP Baby Plan, you can go HERE.  Even more?  Just drop me a line.  I’d love to add you to my roster! Thanks for looking, ~Jaye

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