The Baby Plan

It’s a fog.  It’s a whirlwind.  It’s ah-MAZING.

The first year of your baby’s life is arguably the most incredible time in your life together. So much changes. SO quickly. Everything is brand new, and then it’s over. I’ve designed the Baby Plan so that you can capture it all. Remember it all. And share its amazingness for generations.

How it works:

By booking three full lifestyle sessions during the first thirteen months of your baby’s life, you’re guaranteed to have beautiful documentation of the three most photographable stages in your baby’s life:

Your $750 Baby Plan Memership Fee includes the Session Fee for all three sessions (approx 20% savings) plus:

  • 20% off all Collections;
  • Optional all-inclusive Maternity Mini Session add-on for $500 (approx 40% savings)
  • Optional unlimited all-inclusive Milestone Mini Session add-ons for $500 each (approx 40% savings)
  • Priority Booking for Annual Free Holiday Card Micro Mini Session Event

Because of the amount of time invested in each Baby Plan Family, only a limited number will be accepted per year.  If you’re expecting, get in touch right away to get on the list!

You can see the whole progression of some past Baby Planners HERE and  HERE and HERE. Enjoy …