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You’ve seen this baby all over my website and social media, and now that I’ve completed her Baby Plan year, I can finally show you a few (just a few!) of my very favorites from the year.  I’m not going to go into the details of the Baby Plan too much — you can go HERE if you’d like to see them — but this little cartoon baby is a good (and INSANELY cute) example of how a Baby Plan might look. In the space of a year, we watched this dumpling go from this … ….         … … … …  to this …. …. …..                                                                                        … to this! But … the Baby Plan is NOT just about portraits of a baby at different stages, you see.  It’s really about story — glimpses into this baby’s, and this family’s, story during her first year. It was a good story. Now, this family is not new.  Not new to me and not new to parenting.  Which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised when mom called me a day or two before baby’s newborn session had been planned and told me that due to construction in their home (with a newborn) during the hottest, hottest heat wave we’ve seen in a while (with a newborn), their power (and air conditioning) had gone out and they had moved temporarily into a nearby hotel (with a newborn) but they were still totally cool with going ahead with the session.  It’ll make a cool story, she said. It did. One of the perks of the Baby Plan is first dibs on slots to my annual Free holiday card Micro Mini Session Event.  It only took ten minutes to get this gem of a photo, which was featured on one of my favorite Christmas cards of 2018.A few months later, it was time for her sitting session.  I was overwhelmed with overwhelm during this entire session – that’s the truth.  I mean, look at her.  This baby didn’t (doesn’t) even look REAL.  She looks like a cartoon drawing of a baby.  And the sitting stage is my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE stage.  Just look at her.But again, it wasn’t just about pictures of a cute baby.  It was about a moment in time for this family, and where they were in their story. And in the blink of an eye, cartoon baby had turned a year and it was time for her final session.  Here’s where the personalities and the emerging relationships with the sisters really shone through.    Can you see now why I absolutely love Baby Plan sessions?  And Baby Plan families, for that matter? We’ve got our next annual family lifestyle session on the books for 2020, of course, but I might go through withdrawal, having to wait a year!  Oh, well, I’ve got these photos to hold me over. 😉  And the ones from the last several years, before cartoon baby joined the family, too.  (You can see the last time I photographed them as a family of four HERE, and click back from there if you like). This family, of course, has a book chock full of photos from each session they can look at (one of them is in my IG highlights if you’d like to see).  These are just the tip of the iceberg, really!  And their value, like all photos, increase over time.  Sigh… I miss them already. Thanks for looking, ~Jaye

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