July 4, 2017

Little Zipliners | Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer

This family.

The first time I met this family as their Scarsdale lifestyle photographer, the little cabbage patch kid was still a wee baby.  She may have been the first sink bath I photographed.  (Why don’t I have more sink baths?  I need to photograph more sink baths!!!)  Anyway, I digress.

Every time I see this family for lifestyle photos, I fall a little more in love with them.  Why?  It isn’t just the sink bath.  Or the fact that little sister (still) looks exactly like my Cabbage Patch Doll, Georgina Lena, from 1983.  It’s not that big sister has has an enthusiastic love for her blanket, Baboo, which she shows me at every session without being asked.  It’s not that little sister (who’s 2, mind you), wants to  be either a doctor or an architect when she grows up, or that both of them are expert zipliners in the park down the street.  It’s not even that they wrote me a thank you letter before I took their photos, and fought over who would hand it to me upon my arrival.

I guess it’s all of this, really, and all four family members’ general enthusiasm for our regular family lifestyle photo sessions.  I always try to draw out what each family is excited about and wants to remember from this chapter of their lives.  Some families, like this one, make it especially easy and fun.

Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer

More highlights can be seen HERE and HERE, and you can see their past sessions by starting HERE and clicking through.

Here’s something I don’t say enough — to this family and ALL the families who have me into their homes to capture their story — THANK YOU!  Thank you for making my job the BEST job there is.  I really, really am lucky.

Thanks for looking,