July 7, 2017

Moments of the Month | May 2017

Sacraments and celebrations.

A cold Mother’s Day and a cold Memorial Day.

A junior prom, a forensic speech team party, and a sweep at a senior awards ceremony.

A few lunches out with photographer friends and  a night away with law school friends.

A National Honor Society Induction ceremony, an elementary school band concert, and lots and lots of spring sessions.

Matt used to tease me when my older two kids were little and I’d pull out the camera every day — “Time for pictures!  A day without pictures is like a day that never happened!”  (If you know Matt, you’ll be able to imagine that phrase in his frequently used teasing voice).

Well, yeah.  If I’m honest, the only days I really vividly remember from those early years are the ones I took pictures of.  The only days I remember from this past May are the ones I took pictures of.

So’ll be keeping this picture-taking thing up.

Thanks for looking,