July 3, 2017

Diamond and the Family | Harrison Family Photographer

Hello, and Happy Fourth of July weekend!  We McLaughlins are settled in our little summer abode, and today starts full-on catch up mode in the blogging-spring-sessions department.

Starting with … this lovely Harrison family.  As their Harrison family photographer, one of the things that struck me about these folks is how very well they seem to spend their time.  Their questionnaire revealed their many interests and talents, and when I met them at their home, I saw that they put a lot of importance in spending quality time together, and spending it well.  It reminded me of a favorite quote — one that I featured in a recent “Words and Pictures” post HERE.

The quote is worth repeating:

“Guard well your spare moments.
They are like uncut diamonds.
Discard them and their value
will never be known.
Improve them and they will become the brightest gems
in a useful life.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Harrison Family Photographer

We had a delightful time one Saturday morning in April.  I delivered their Lincoln Coffee Table book last week, chock-full of moments like these and many, many more.

Thanks for looking!