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This as an exciting one, folks.  And a long one.  So, sit down and get comfortable.  And hold onto your hat.  It’s one of my little LYYP Baby Planners, and you’re about to see her grow from a teensy tiny (suuuuper expressive) newborn to a round little three-month old to a crazy happy (super expressive) sitter-upper to a big girl one-year old!  Nothing like seeing it all right here to get a sense of my LYYP Baby Plan, right?  Picking a somewhat reasonable number of images to show you this was ridiculously hard.  She’s so cute.  They’re so cute.  All of their sessions were filled with fun, love, beauty, and tons of variety.  I gave it the old college try, though.  It’s a lot of images.  Here goes….

Newborn Session

Do you remember this first image?  (How could you forget?)  It was an early preview into the amazing range of expressions this little one was going to give me over her year of LYYP sessions.  

Christmas Card Micro Mini Session

It was a little cold for a three-month old on the day I had planned these outdoor sessions – the beautiful greenhouse at Larchmont Nurseries was a great place to hold these, and get a glimpse of how big this cutie was getting. (My Christmas Card Micro Minis are, of course, free, but they’re limited in number and highly coveted.  Baby Planners get first dibs ;))

Sitting Session

Oh my GOSH.  Truth be told, THIS is the age that inspired me to start offering a Baby Plan in the first place.  Babies this age are SO round an mushy and soft and happy and I just love capturing this age. The expression you see here is her saying, “Do you SEE this?  Are you getting this?!? I’m crawling for the first time!  You’re getting my FIRST CRAWL!  Holy mackerel!”  (She doesn’t have to talk – she has expressions that say everything.  And yes, it was awesome.  

One Year Session

Oh, that first year goes so fast.  Here she is basking in all the birthday attention and showing off all her skillz.  AND still giving me those amazing expressions.  This one’s got personality, my friends, and it’s cool to look back and see that it was all there from the very beginning.   Didn’t that post make you feel good?  Babies do that, I know.  If you’re having a baby and want to talk to me about the LYYP Baby Plan, by all means please drop me a line. Thanks for looking, ~Jaye

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