January 21, 2019

Westport Boys | Connecticut Family Photographer

I’ve been promising for ages that I’d catch up on blogging all the great family sessions I was lucky enough to have in 2018.  On this frigid, blustery, freezing cold day, the timing was just right to reminisce about this Westport family’s fun session back in June.

Mom got in touch (after seeing photos from this family’s session and this family’s many sessions in town) because she wanted to capture her family while the boys are in their “sweet spot” – they’re not babies anymore, and they aren’t yet dealing with teenage angst.  They still hold mom’s hand and give lot s of cuddles, but they’re becoming more independent.  All four are athletic lovers of the outdoors, and I had a great time capturing them doing their thing.

Can’t you just feel the sunshine and warmth in these images?  See the sweet relationship these two brothers have?  Giggle at little brother’s silliness?  Hope so.  I can.  Pretty sure Mom can, too.  And that’s always the goal.  Things are always changing, and that “sweet spot” is definitely a magical time.

Thanks for looking,