July 17, 2019

Party Tricks | Family Photography in Westchester

When I think about some of my own family photographs, there are a few that stand out. Not because they’re perfectly posed or because everyone is smiling straight into the camera, but because they paint a picture of what it was like being in my family during a time before I have any of my own memories.

Imagine it.  My parents and my baby brother, my two grandmothers and a handful of aunts and uncles sitting around in my Brooklyn dining room after some holiday meal. Someone has burned the end of a wine cork and drawn Beefsteak Charlie-style mustaches on our little faces.  The adults think is the funniest thing ever and while my brother and I probably have very little idea of what’s going on, we’re enjoying the attention and the contagious laughter.

Now, THIS family takes it beyond goofy mustaches.  They’ve got actual tricks involving strength, balance and acrobatics.  I was highly impressed, and I’m sure you will be, too.  But what I’m really psyched about is how these two little girls will feel years from now looking at these photos.  They’ll know they were part of a family that valued laughter and fun. And party tricks, too.  Documenting that kind of thing for the future is one of the things I love most about family photography in Westchester.

Family Photography in Westchester

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