July 17, 2019

Do you know what a zrbtt is? | Westchester Family Photography

Do you think that the only families that I photograph are ones who naturally laugh and cuddle all the time unprompted?

Well, no.

Or is it that I have a weird effect on people when I enter their homes, causing them to immediately giggle and hug?

Um, nope, that’s not it either.

I do know how to have fun, though, and if the kind of fun you see on these pages seems like the kind of fun your family likes to have, then chances are that you might like some of the games I like to play at sessions.

For example.  Do you know what a zrbtt is?  (Some people call them raspberries, but having grown up in the era of the Cosby Show, I’ve always preferred that onomatopoetic term).  And have you ever passed one of those along, telephone style, while sitting together on the couch?  No?  OK.  Well, if you were zrbted by one of your kids and instructed to “pass it on” along through your other family members, do you think that might make you laugh and relax and forget all about the worries you had been having about wearing the right shirt?

Yeah, I think it might.

That’s just ONE of the arrows in my quiver, though.  I’m not going to ruin all the fun surprises here.

Westchester Family Photography

I knew I’d have a ball with this fam once I met them at last year’s annual Christmas Card Micro Mini Session event.  We immediately bonded over a Breezy Point connection (the car sticker always gives it away, even in November), and we three grown ups were giggling over my little cheat sheet before our quick 10 minute session even started (I take notes on what parents say in their questionnaires regarding what makes their kids laugh; let’s just say the word “POOP” was written prominently all over that little scrap of paper — every kid loves poop jokes!)  The twins’ relationship is one of the cutest ever.  Completely different personalities, but perfectly complementary and loving.  I hope that comes through here, and that looking at these photos years from now will zap this family right back to the feelings of the way it was.

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