July 17, 2019

At Home In the Backyard | In Home Photography Westchester

So, I used to say that I really liked doing family sessions at home but that I’d be super duper happy and willing to shoot your session anywhere you’d like.  Beach, park, city, you name it.

But then I’d talk about how home was THE BEST.  Best for the kids, best for the parents, best for the natural interactions and the in-between moments and the hobbies and obsessions and room details and everything.  So, I’ve decided.  From here on in, home is where it’s at.  You can twist my arm if we’ve done a LOT of in home sessions together already or if your kids are bigger and some place or activity defines your family in a way better than or equal to how a snippet of home life does, but … if what you’re looking for beach or park or urban photos, you probably aren’t looking for the kind of photos that I think are the most awesome.  I mean, look at these.  Home Photography Westchester

Your backyard is part of your home, too, obviously.  Wanna play?

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Remember this was beautiful.