July 13, 2019

Moments of the Month | January 2019

Moments of the Month for …. January.  My poor baby girl has been asking for these photos from her birthday dinner on the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink since January.  I can’t blame her for asking me to only take photos of her on my phone … she knows that those will see the light of day much faster. (You’ve heard the saying “The Cobbler’s Children have no shoes”, right?  Well, I’ve got loads of systems in place for trying NOT to illustrate that stereotype — even a whole blog series explaining those systems which I call “The Cobbler Series”– but hey, the struggle is real).  January was a pretty fabulous month overall.

Moments of the Month

Several awesome January performances were given/received as Christmas and birthday gifts.  (I mean, Frozen, Hamilton, Billy Joel, and Joe Russo is Almost Dead in one month?) A visit from a favorite cousin.  A fun hoe down party with friends.  Puzzles and books enjoyed by the fire.  Lots of cozy family sessions shot and shared.  My Freeze Ray Basics photography workshops for parents.  I’ve always been a summer lover, but these photos make me remember that January is pretty awesome, too.

One good thing about my Moments of the Month posts is that they help me remember.  I mean, HOW dod other people remember things if not through constantly taking pictures???

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do and an entire July afternoon to enjoy later, but this morning’s visit to January was lovely for me.  Hope you enjoyed it too.

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