In a word?  Nope.

I used to be a patent lawyer, in fact.  Working in a big firm doing biotech patent law, and then in-house for a major pharmaceutical company.  

I wrote the story of my metamorphosis HERE.  (It really is a good story, and I love to tell it!)

So, no.  Degrees in biology and law, yes.  A degree in photography, no.  

But I’m a firm believer in lifelong learning and I can tell you that my tenacious self has ingested more photography education in the last decade plus than I could even begin to express.  

In the early years, there were the classes.  And then the books.  And then the forums.  And as I got more serious, there evolved a dedication to investing every year in some kind of workshop or conference to develop my skills in photography and running a photography business.  I’ve visited some awesome places and met some incredible and inspiring people thanks to my hunger for photography learning. Oh, and all of this was before I even knew what a podcast was - now I'm addicted to photography, business and marketing podcasts. (Geek!)

The prize for all of this was a massive (and still growing) collection of memories and beautiful photos AND a large (and still-growing) collection of people and families who appreciate photos in the same way that I do.  

No framed diploma or fancy degree, BUT I’ve amassed a fair amount of recognition for my hard work.  You can see a selection of my fancy badges HERE, but I thought I’d drop my most recent one here.  (You know, since you asked). 

Little boy greets dad in hallway after work.

And of course, I'm looking forward to continuing to learn ...

Thanks for looking,


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