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Here’s a question that comes up fairly often when people are deciding on a collection. People want to know – once they choose either a McGuire Storybook Album or a Lincoln Coffee Table Book as part of the Storybook or Epic Collection, how does the book design work?

The answer to this one is … well, it depends.

Are you a person who wants total control of what photos will be in your book design (no judgement – I’m a card-carrying control freak myself). Or does the thought of narrowing down your gallery to something that would work as a book design give you total case of twitchy overwhelm? Whether you’re at either extreme or somewhere in the middle, I’ve got process for you.

Once you’ve chosen your book, the book design can work in three ways:

  • I can pre-design the book for you, and you can make changes/additions/substitutions after you’ve seen the design;
  • I can send you an app through which you select the photos for the book, and then I create the draft design (and you’ll have the same options to review and change); or
  • We can jump on a zoom call and make the photo selection together, sharing my screen (and then I design, etc).

So, there’s a method for the photo lover who wants lots of control, and there’s a method for the photo lover who’d completely overwhelmed by the thought of designing the book.

However round 1 comes about, you’ll have a chance to give feedback and make revisions of my draft design. The software is easy to use and super pretty. Want a peek at some draft spreads? (Of course you do!) Here are a few spreads from a Lincoln Coffee Table Book I designed recently:

Of course, we’ll be old friends by the time we get to this point in the process, and you’ll already know that I’m with you every step of the way. We’ll get this done together, and it’ll be fun.

Oh, and a heads up. You’ll also know that I’m super motivated to get your book into your hands. Type-A Jaye will NOT let this process linger and fester and fade. We will BOTH be on a “We love these photos” high, and I fully intend to use that energy to keep this process moving. Stay tuned for lots of pesky reminders and strict rules for getting it done. (Remember, this all comes from a place of photo love!)

Hope that answers your question, friends.

You’re gonna love these books!

Thanks for looking,


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