My Favorite Product for Enjoying Your Photos

Any product that gets your photos off the teeny tiny screen of your iPhone and into your hands is OK in my book, BUT I have an absolute favorite. To get the most forever value out of your session with me, my BOOKS are the clear winner.

But wait – there are TWO books to choose from in the Storybook and Epic collections, aren’t there? (Yes! Good on you for paying attention!) I know what your next question will be. You want to know, while I’m shamelessly choosing favorite products, WHICH of the two books is my favorite.

Ah, you got me. Both the McGuire Storybook and the Lincoln Coffee Table Book are beautiful, and they each have their talents. I love them each in their own special way, OK?

I know that’s not very helpful, so I’ve made this handy dandy video to help you decide:

And listen. If you choose either the Storybook Collection or the Epic Collection after seeing your photos, I will HELP you. I’ll help you choose a book, I’ll help you choose the photos, and I’ll help you make the decisions I need to design the book. (I talk about that in a different post).

You know what’s even better than a McGuire Storybook Album or a Lincoln Coffee Table Book?

A WHOLE COLLECTION of McGuire Storybook Albums or Lincoln Coffee Table Books, or course! Don’t they look just wonderful together? And oh, the stories they can tell …

That’s my subtle hint to get your NEXT session with me on the calendar, so that we can continue to tell your family’s story.

Thanks for looking,


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