A Baby and Toddler Story

I admire photographers who can tell a story with a single image.  I do it sometimes, I guess, but it's much more common for me to need (or just enjoy) several images to tell any given story.  I mean, if you've got a baby and a toddler in your house, you know that the story is never simple.  


More specifically, there are usually multiple stories within each story on any given day with a baby and toddler. For example, there's the story of making cookies with a baby and toddler. How she measures the ingredients. Covers her ears to block out the noise of the mixer. Eats so much cookie dough that a tummy ache ensues and a bath and new dress are in order.

Or the 'tea party in sister's room' story:

Or just the "babies this age are SO happy" story:

This summer, I thought I'd try to tell the many stories of my many families by sharing a series of photos from each session on Instagram. The truth is that I want you to remember ALL of it, and I love sharing these photos more than I love attempting to narrow photos down. So .... head over to instagram to see even more from this awesome session!

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