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The Story of Jaye McLaughlin Photography

On International Women’s Day, I’d like to share a little bio I wrote in honor of the Pelham Chamber of Commerce’s social media campaign leading up to the date.  (What’s that?  You haven’t seen it?  Super-woman Cristina Chianese, the Pelham Chamber of Commerce’s President, has been doing wonderful things for small businesses – check her out and follow along!)
“In 2021, I’m celebrating ten years as in in-home newborn and family photographer.  The story of my business is a fun one to tell – I had been a biotech patent lawyer working part-time from home since the oldest of my four kids was born in 1999.  I liked my job, but some of the more exciting aspects had been sacrificed in exchange for a more flexible schedule, which allowed me to be home for my kids.  In 2009, my work was put on hold while my pharmaceutical company employer went through a merger.  I grabbed the opportunity to finally pour some of my “free time” (to the extent that exists when you have four kids) into learning the nuts and bolts of photography.  I had always had an eye for taking pictures and had been an obsessive documentarian of my own family’s life, but I had never found/made the time to take a photography class.  That first class (at the Pelham Arts Center!) was the start of an obsession.  It began with ordering and borrowing every book on photography from the Pelham Library.  It continued with constantly practicing on my kids, and it snowballed into photographing volunteer families who answered a model call on a “new” Facebook group called Moms of Pelham.  Many books, classes, workshops, and happy families later, I’m now the proud founder of a ten year old, woman-owned, passion-based business.  I love it more with every passing year
One of the greatest aspects of my business is that it allows moms – typically the photographers in their own families – to get in the frame with their kids.  The families that I work with tend to have a strong sense of how fleeting each day with babies and little kids is, and they feel compelled to take lots of pictures themselves as a way to appreciate and remember.  This means that their kids have lots of photos, but that mom’s not in many of them.  I’m able to get moms in the photos themselves – to be present in those tangible memories and to show their kids how loved they are.”
Here’s to all of us, women-owned businesses.
Jaye McLaughlin self portrait on bed with camera celebrating international women’s day
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