December 2, 2015

Last Days as a Family of Three | Scarsdale Baby Photographer

This session marked the end of an era.  With baby brother nearly ready to join the family, these photos reflect what it was like for my charming little friend (you met him before HERE) during his last days as an only child.  I always tell moms who are expecting their second to pay close, close attention during this time.  Bringing home a sibling will enrich your previously-only’s life in a way that will stay with him until long after we’re gone, but there’s no denying that everything changes when that tiny bundle comes home.  He’ll seem like a giant in comparison, for one — he’s your little baby one day, and you’re about ready to pack him off to kindergarten the next.  The biggest change, of course, is that he has to share his title as the center of your universe.  This is a good thing in a lot of ways.  But the change is so sudden and drastic, it can be a tough adjustment for all involved.  The change is bittersweet.

Anyway, here’s a little time capsule of one little boy’s calm before the storm.  I’m sure that he’s loving his baby brother and his new role as big bro.  I can’t wait to see this cute family again as a family of four!
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