November 23, 2015

Thankful 2015 | The Life in Your Years Photography

Wherever time may take you
in your life,
remember this was beautiful.”

The Pat McGuire Band, You’re So Beautiful

This year marks the FIFTH annual LYYP Thankful Video.  For five years, I’ve been doing what I love to do, telling your stories and hanging out with your beautiful kids. That feels like a pretty big deal. This year, rather than gush as I usually do over how grateful I am that you invite me into your homes and trust me year after year with your stories (I really, really AM grateful), I’m going to share a wish that I recently saw on a photo I posted the LYYP Facebook page:

I wish you all the joy in these photos — forever. May you re-live these moments of love and happiness whenever you look at them.

It has really, honestly been a pleasure to share and freeze these moments with you, and I look forward to many more years of telling stories as LYYP.  (If you’re a nostalgic sucker like me, you can go back and look at  the past “Thankful” slideshows HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE and see the how much these babies and kids and families have changed).

As a token of my (immense!) gratitude, I’ve got some treats for those of you who have not yet booked your 2016 session. 🙂

The FIRST TWO people who book a 2016 lifestyle session between January 15 and June 15 will receive a $100 credit toward packages and products at their ordering session  (these are all gone, folks!); and

The NEXT THREE people who book a lifestyle session between January 15 and June 15, 2016 will receive a $50 credit toward packages and products. (All gone now, too!)

This offer expires on Saturday (hey, small business Saturday!), so don’t wait. (Extended!  Expires November 29 at midnight!)  Even if you don’t want to book before June 15, now’s a good time to book, because honestly, the LYYP calendar is filling up ridiculously early this year, and I really hate turning people away.

And, one more time, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for looking,


Edited to add: All the ordering credits are gone, folks, but if you’re looking for a motivation to book an LYYP session right away, here’s a good one — they’re booking up fast!  Weekends are booked up from May through October of 2016 already.  There are still plenty of weekdays during those months, and plenty of Saturdays during January-April.  Drop me a line!