May 12, 2015

The Boss | Scarsdale Baby Photographer

This little guy cracked me up.  Look at the expression on his face — it says it all.  It says, “Hi there, I’m the boss.”Scarsdale Baby Photographer_0001

Don’t get me wrong — he’s a happy, charming, fun-loving and generous boss.  But he’s the boss. With very cute yellow shoes.Scarsdale Baby Photographer_0002 Scarsdale Baby Photographer_0004 Scarsdale Baby Photographer_0005

The many faces of the boss.Scarsdale Baby Photographer_0006

To be filed in the “cute room” folder …Scarsdale Baby Photographer_0007 Scarsdale Baby Photographer_0008 Scarsdale Baby Photographer_0009 Scarsdale Baby Photographer_0010Scarsdale Baby Photographer-100I had such a fun time with this family for the boss’ first birthday.  Looking forward to next time!  (I’m so happy to be their Scarsdale baby photographer).

And if all this cuteness looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen this guy and his family before –most recently as he zoomed down the hall in his Ferrari, and before that at their mini session last year.  (They grow so fast!)

Thanks for looking!

~ Jaye

Scarsdale Baby Photographer