May 15, 2015

The Latest Chapter | Westport Kid and Family Photographer

The great thing about being a family photographer who sees her clients on a regular basis is that we always do something a little bit different, and always fun.  Being this family’s Westport kid and family photographer is a great example of that.  Whether we play basketball or ride scooters or play in the pool or get to know a new puppy, it’s always something a little different.  And we add a chapter each time to the storybook album collection at each session.  (Stay tuned to the end of this post for some sample spreads that will show up in this most recent chapter, and some links to their past sessions!)

This time, we took an early morning walk on their favorite beach.Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0002 Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0003

When we got back to the house, the boys showed me their sea glass collection.Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0004

This guy was in a really good mood for me this time 😉Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0005

And this one is always ready for my camera.Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0006

Everyday moments …Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0007 Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0008

Showing off recent artwork…Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0009

Tickle fights …Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0010 Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0011

Mom’s birthday had just passed, and the boys showed me the origami cranes they had made for her for her birthday.  (My favorite from this part of the session is HERE — so much love in a paper crane and a big hug!)
Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0012

When I’m there, the boys are allowed to jump off the furniture.  (I think that might be why they like me).Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0013

And this guy — I’m not sure if he actually likes ME, or just my camera.  😉Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0014

Here are two of my favorite spreads from their most recent storybook album.  You know that I love these albums — they’re the perfect medium for telling the story.  Here, we see boys sitting sweetly together on the chair, and then mom comes and tickles them from behind, and then it’s a tickly unraveling from there.  Love it.

Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0022
This one shows the classic ‘boys throwing rocks in the water moment” that is such a big part of who they are right now.

Wesptport Kid and Family Photographer_0021
So there’s my little glimpse into this chapter of this family’s life, and into mine as a Westport kid and family photographer.  (There’s one more HERE).  I’d say we’re both pretty lucky — wouldn’t you?

The mom in this family is a lot like me in the way she values photos — her enjoyment of the moments with her boys is almost bittersweet because she realizes how wonderful they are and how quickly they go by.  I imagine her looking through her storybook album years from now, and it makes me really happy that she’s got these moments — all of them — to enjoy over and over.  You can see their most recent session — one of my all time faves — HERE if you like!

Thanks for looking!