September 12, 2014

Westport Family Photographer | Summer Nights

It’s no secret that I love hanging out with this little gang of boys.  I’ve told you all about them and my past sessions HERE.  For this session, to mix things up a bit, we planned a summer evening pool session.  I’m always surprised that a session with this group could get any better, but everybody knows there’s more fun to be had when you add water!Westport Family Photographer_0001 Westport Family Photographer_0002 Westport Family Photographer_0003 Westport Family Photographer_0004 Westport Family Photographer_0005 Westport Family Photographer_0006 Westport Family Photographer_0007

Making it EXTRA special was the fact that it was the middle guy’s fourth birthday.  And that his mom is one of those cool moms who lets her boys dig into an ice cream cake with spoons.  Because it’s more fun that way. (And makes for better pictures).Westport Family Photographer_0008 Westport Family Photographer_0009 Westport Family Photographer_0010 Westport Family Photographer_0011 They showed me the garden the planted with Grandpa’s help. Westport Family Photographer_0012Of course, no session with this group would be complete without some hoops practice.
Westport Family Photographer_0013Westport Family Photographer_0015 Westport Family Photographer_0016 Westport Family Photographer_0017 Westport Family Photographer_0018 Another bonus of a birthday session is the novelty of new birthday toys.   Westport Family Photographer_0020 Westport Family Photographer_0021 Westport Family Photographer_0022 Westport Family Photographer_0023 Westport Family Photographer_0024 Westport Family Photographer_0025 Westport Family Photographer_0026 Westport Family Photographer_0027It was a night to remember!  Can’t wait ’til next time…

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