May 29, 2014

Westport Family Photographer | A Girl!

I’ve photographed this fun Connecticut Family four times now — since their littlest guy was just six months old.  (You can see some highlights of their previous sessions by going HERE).  It feels like longer, to be honest, and I’m not sure why.  It might be because the mom and I are like photographic soul mates — my favorites from each session are pretty much always her favorites too —  I think we  see the same things in her boys in the photos, and recognize those things as the things we’re trying to capture and keep.  (They’re not “things,” of course, but you know what I mean).   It also could be that her boys show me such a range of emotions and expressions during their sessions — I feel like I really know them!  Who knows …   This time around, there was a new member of the family for me to meet and photograph — a GIRL Bernadoodle puppy!  Mom’s finally got another girl in the family, yes.  But this girl really knows how to play like a puppy (and we all know that little boys play just like puppies) — so she fits right in with her brothers.Westport Family Photographer_0001 Wesport Family Photographer_0002 Wesport Family Photographer_0003 Wesport Family Photographer_0004 Wesport Family Photographer_0005 Wesport Family Photographer_0006And here she is!

Wesport Family Photographer_0008

The newest family member giving mom a big sloppy kiss.

Wesport Family Photographer_0007
Wesport Family Photographer_0009 Wesport Family Photographer_0010 Wesport Family Photographer_0011 Wesport Family Photographer_0012 Wesport Family Photographer_0013 Wesport Family Photographer_0014 Wesport Family Photographer_0015 Wesport Family Photographer_0016Wesport Family Photographer_0024 Wesport Family Photographer_0017 Wesport Family Photographer_0018 Wesport Family Photographer_0019 Wesport Family Photographer_0020 Wesport Family Photographer_0021 Wesport Family Photographer_0022 Wesport Family Photographer_0023Always a good time with this bunch.  If you’re looking for a Westport family photographer, be sure to drop me a line — I’d love to talk to you about a session!

Thanks for looking,