May 30, 2014

New York Lifestyle Photographer | An NYC Lifestyle Photographer INVASION

Earlier this month, I got together with a group of 17 other photographers who have one thing in common — we had all attended (or, in one Michele’s case, presided over) a Pinkle Toes Photography workshop.  You may remember that I attended the workshop in Austin in January of 2013 and had a great experience.  Of  course, that “one thing” that all 18 of us have in common is actually a whole bundle of things  — we’re all lifestyle photographers running small businesses.  We are all passionate about photography, and about bettering our businesses.  And we all get downright giddy over seeing, and then getting, a good shot.   While I had not previously met most of these women (Michele runs several workshops every year.  Are you a lifestyle photographer?  You should totally take one!), I had been “e-introduced” to all of them in a Facebook group that Michele sets up for alumni — had talked shop with many of them online and had admired their work.  (Hey — stay tuned until the end of this post — you’ll get the chance to meet some of these fine ladies, too!)

You can imagine my excitement when I learned that a workshop alumni reunion trip was being planned — a fun touristy trip — and that the destination was my very own backyard — New York City.  I happily joined the 17 other lifestyle photographers, signed on for the ambitious tourist itinerary, and we took NYC by storm.

NYC Photographer_0001

Without question, my favorite part of the trip (other than the aforementioned 17 like-minded lifestyle photographers who were part of the fun) was the Foods of New York tour of Greenwich Village.  I highly recommend this to tourists and natives alike.  Yeah … it went something like this:  Walk, take pictures, laugh, eat, take pictures, eat, laugh, walk, learn fun tidbits of history about the neighborhood, walk, have a cocktail, take pictures, eat, laugh, walk …. and repeat.  What’s not to love?

NYC Photographer_0002 NYC Photographer_0003 NYC Photographer_0004 NYC Photographer_0005 NYC Photographer_0006Our guide, Cindy, was a hoot.
NYC Photographer_0018 NYC Photographer_0007 NYC Photographer_0019

I do love a group of acapella street performers.

NYC Photographer_0011

So yeah, that was my first food tour.  (NOT my last food tour, though — I can tell you that for sure.  The same company runs food tours in five other neighborhoods in the city, and I promise you I’ll do a few more).  Another first was a ride on The Circle Line.  (Circle it on the Circle Li-ine (toot toot!) Circle it on the Cir-cle Line).  It was a cold and rainy May evening, but between the dramatic skies and the unfettered ability to take photos (unfettered, that is, by embarrassed family members), it was big fun.   What a beautiful city, huh?

NYC Photographer_0012 NYC Photographer_0013 NYC Photographer_0014NYC Photographer_0016 NYC Photographer_0015
NYC Photographer_0017

Because of a family commitment (which, if you’re a regular here, you’ll of course hear about in my upcoming May “Moments of the Month” post), I had to hop back home for part of this fun-packed weekend.  You knew that, right?  Because you undoubtedly noticed that SEVERAL obvious hot tourist attractions are missing from this little collection of some of my favorite photos from the trip.  Don’t worry, though — you can see more highlights from ALL the things the group did if you follow through the blog circle we’ve set up to share all our photos.  I bet you’ll also enjoy seeing how many of us “saw” the same attractions in different ways.  That’s a fun thing about photography, I think.  The next stop on the blog tour is my new friend Ashley from Joyful Images Photography, a Columbia, SC lifestyle newborn and family photographer.  Go see what she has to show you, and she’ll fill you in on the next stop!

Before I sign off, though, here are two final shots, taken by Lady Pinkle Toes herself — thanks, Michele, for making this trip, and all these new friendships, possible!

NYC Photographer_0020

Thanks for looking!