June 5, 2014

Westchester Lifestyle Photography | Mother’s Day Morning

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this session for ages.  Since Mother’s Day, to be exact.  And on this dark, dreary morning, with the rain pounding down on the sidewalks outside, I think the timing is perfect.  This Westchester lifestyle photography session, I think, is a great example of  one way an ideal LYYP family session can go.  We meet in the wee hours and play for a while in the driveway.  We go for a bike ride to the playground, stopping on the way when the light looks awesome or a bed of tulips is too pretty to pass by quickly.  Then we play, play, play at the playground.  Snuggle for a bit under a blooming cherry tree.  Back on the bikes, head back home.  Take off our dew-soaked shoes and head inside.  Show me your rooms!   What are your favorite things to play with?  (I know they’ll love these when they’re living in their new house months and years from now and they think back fondly on their “little kid” rooms).  Some more family snuggles and goofing around with the family in the living room.  And we’re done!  (Later than expected, but hey, we were all having such a good time — why would we stop?)Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0001 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0002 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0003 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0004 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0005 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0006 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0007 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0008 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0009 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0010 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0011 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0012 Westchester Lifestyle Photography_0013

To help you get the full picture, I’m sharing the slideshow I put together for this family’s ordering session.  (You know I don’t just make you fend for yourself to figure out how best to enjoy your awesome images, don’t you?  Of course not!  At the ordering session, we figure that all out together.  It’s fun).

It really does look fun, doesn’t it?  If you missed the two favorites I shared on Facebook, they’re HERE and HERE.  Be sure to “like” the page while you’re over there if you don’t want to miss other sneak peeks, sessions, and specials I share there.  And if you’re interested in a Westchester lifestyle photography session (or one in NYC or Southern Connecticut, for that matter), there’s a “Contact” button up top.  Get in touch, and we can talk!

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