June 12, 2014

Westchester Newborn Twins at Home | Westchester Newborn Photographer

Trying to narrow down the photos from this session with these adorable six week old boy/girl Westchester newborn twins to a reasonable number for a blog post was an exercise in futility.  So here you have ‘em, my favorites of the twins, their parents and their great big golden doodle (who, incidentally, thinks he’s a lap dog, but nonetheless seems to be taking the sudden shortage of laps in stride).

Westchester Twins_0001 Westchester Twins_0002 Westchester Twins_0003 Westchester Twins_0004 Westchester Twins_0005 Westchester Twins_0006 Westchester Twins_0007 Westchester Twins_0008 Westchester Twins_0009 Westchester Twins_0010 Westchester Twins_0011 Westchester Twins_0012 Westchester Twins_0013 Westchester Twins_0014

My two favorite favorites from the session are HERE and HERE.  Don’t miss those!

Thanks for looking!