March 13, 2013


Have you ever been jealous of yourself?

Not your present self — (that would be weird) — I’m talking about feeling jealousy toward someone you were at some time in the past.   Yeah, well that’s how I feel when I think about the Pinkle Toes Photography workshop I attended in January in Austin, Texas.  Jealous of the ‘hopping out of my skin with excitement’ self I was  in the days and weeks leading up to the trip.  Boy oh boy, was I excited.  I mean, I was flying to Texas (all by myself!) to learn from Michele Anderson — an absolute guru in family lifestyle photography.  I may even have gotten carried away in a newsletter sent to subscribers a few days before the trip and analogized the feeling of anticipation to what the Beatles must have felt before they went to India to learn from the Maharishi.  Yeesh.

Well, the workshop didn’t disappoint.  Michele is one of those smart, driven and hard working people whom you know, once you meet her, would be successful in whatever it is she decided to do for a living.  But she happens to run a highly successful business doing exactly what it is that I looooove to do — family lifestyle photography.  I and nine other eager padawans spent three jam-packed days absorbing information, advice, instructions and demonstrations like adoring sponges.  Michele was an open book throughout the process, sharing everything she’s learned about the business and leaving no question unanswered.

I’m obviously jealous of the self that I was during those three days, too.  We had a lot of fun.

Pinkle Workshop_003Pinkle Workshop_006

Yup, the family who modeled for our in-home newborn family session had a full spread of treats laid out and a TIARA for each of us!  The outdoor family session was loads of fun, too.  I think my favorite from that one is here.

Pinkle Workshop_010 Pinkle Workshop_009I had my first experience with maternity sessions — and loved it!  I hope to be doing more of those around here…

Pinkle Workshop_004 Pinkle Workshop_008 Pinkle Workshop_007 Pinkle Workshop_005As an added bonus, Michele took all of our headshots for us.  Have you noticed mine up top?
Pinkle Workshop_002 Pinkle Workshop_001

I came home brimming with ideas about things to try with my business.   And I  came home with ten new photography friends, too.  Imagine this — eleven people in a funky little house, every one as excited about this kind of photography as I am.  Finishing each other’s sentences, asking the same questions in unison, telling photo-editing jokes (cringe!).

You should definitely check these ladies out!

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My only regret?  I didn’t see much of Austin.  Too much workshopping to be much of a tourist.  I’ll be back, though.  (And I’m going to be seeing all my new workshop peeps at a reunion in NYC next year!)

Thanks for looking!