March 17, 2013

Moments of the Month | February 2013

Hi folks, it’s time for another Moments of the Month post.  In February, we had lots of winter fun …

February Moments_004

This guy may not look like he’s having fun, but he kept climbing the hill again and again, so I’ve got to think he was enjoying himself.

February Moments_001February Moments_002

Ice skating at Bryant Park was a blast … and was followed by a visit to Dad’s office and dinner in the city.

February Moments_007February Moments_006February Moments_008

There was also lots of snow-people building … sometimes, though, I like to stay inside where it’s warm and take pictures through windows.

February Moments_005

Synchronized skateboarding was another activity that I managed through that same window many times in February.  Interesting.
February Moments_013

One day over the February break, we headed to Brooklyn to meet up with our our cousins and visit our favorite uncle and his menagerie of pets.  At press time (this is always changing), there were nine birds and a sweet new doggie named Johnny.  (Who needs the zoo?)

February Moments_012 February Moments_011 February Moments_010 February Moments_009
My annual Broadway show night with Kate was made especially awesome by the Broadway connections she has acquired over the years as a young actress.  Yeah, we went backstage after Annie to meet Sunny (aka Sandy), thanks to Sunny’s trainer, whom Kate had worked with when she played Annie in 2009 right here in Pelham.  (I posted a couple of photos from that awesome experience here).  

February Moments_014

My many instagram photos from February tell a story of a month filled with dinners with friends, Valentines, family games and reading by the fire.  It was a good month!

febmoments5 febmoments4 febmoments3 febmoments2 febmoments1
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