October 21, 2013

Puppies | Connecticut Family Photographer

I always say that boys are like dogs — or like puppies, to be more precise.  The way they play, the way they think, the way they see things.  Now, I have enough boys in my own family to know that not ALL boys are so simply defined (or not all the time, anyway).  But it’s hard not to generalize about boys when you so often see them piling up like puppies at play.  It’s possible that my mind is going here as I look at these photos because I know something BIG happened to this family this week.  Yep, they welcomed a new puppy.   When I see them again in March, (which will be the fourth time I photograph them — the first and second time are HERE and HERE), there’ll be a new puppy in the mix!  Can’t wait.  I’m sure she’ll fit right in.  I love being their Connecticut family photographer, and I’m looking forward to watching the puppy pile grow.

Connecticut Family Photographer_001 Connecticut Family Photographer_002 Connecticut Family Photographer_003 Connecticut Family Photographer_004 Connecticut Family Photographer_005 Connecticut Family Photographer_006 Connecticut Family Photographer_007 Connecticut Family Photographer_008 Connecticut Family Photographer_009

I’m sorry, but I love this next one.  I told mom when we sat down together with the photos that I had captioned it “I didn’t win” in my head.  She laughed and told me that she had captioned it herself — she called it “The Mary Decker photo.”  Hilarious.

Connecticut Family Photographer_010 Connecticut Family Photographer_011 Connecticut Family Photographer_012 Connecticut Family Photographer_013

Mom taught them her cell number as a song.  They’re singing it here.  Can you guess which one is leading?Connecticut Family Photographer_014 Puppy pile!Connecticut Family Photographer_015 Connecticut Family Photographer_016 Connecticut Family Photographer_017 Connecticut Family Photographer_018 Connecticut Family Photographer_019Connecticut Family Photographer_025

Thanks for looking!  If you happen to be looking for a Connecticut family photographer, I hope you’ll give me a buzz to talk about a session!


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