April 17, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys | Connecticut Family Lifestyle Photographer

There’s nothing like a bunch of little boys in constant motion — and the fascination and enthusiasm they bring to every situation.  (I feel like I’ve said this already – have I said this already?  Oh, yeah).  Their energy, their wonder, their game-for-anything attitudes, their cuddliness …  I could go on and on.  Generalizations aside, though … they’ve all, of course, got their own personalities.  I love hanging out with a family and getting to know each of their unique personalities and the relationships they have with each other.  And capturing them for eternity while I’m at it!BoysWillBeBoys_001

This guy loooves his monkey!


It was cooooold at the beach this morning.  (There are really some lovely beaches in Connecticut!)   Baby brother needed his walking practice, though!  (These two are especially sweet with each other).


I know I’ve said this before, but there’s nothing like being a mama to a little boy.



Bounce until your pants fall off!BoysWillBeBoys_006



BoysWillBeBoys_009Those baby curls just kill me.  They sure weren’t there when I first met this family last fall.  I wonder if they’ll still be there when I see these guys again in September? 😉

Thanks for looking …


Connecticut Family Lifestyle Photographer