May 6, 2015

The Fashion Girls | NYC Kids Photographer

You may have seen my happy Facebook post yesterday recounting the awesome day I had on Monday with two photographer friends, a fab stylist and twelve incredible little munchkin models in lower Manhattan.  (You didn’t?  Well, go see).  As I sorted through the images from the first part of the day, a story emerged.  I’m going to share that with you now, because I am a goofball that way.  Here it is.

Once upon a time, there were three gorgeous little girls …NYC Kids Photographer_0001 NYC Kids Photographer_0002

And a little boy with a dimple that could stop traffic.NYC Kids Photographer_0003

One lovely Monday afternoon in May, the three girls decided it’d be fun to try to get the traffic stoppingly amazing little boy to notice them.  So, they suited up in LOL Kids fashions, and with the help of a talented lady named Stacie from East Coast Starz, emerged looking cooler than cool.  NYC Kids Photographer_0004

But the boy barely gave them a second glance.NYC Kids Photographer_0005

Next, they tried to bait him by bringing out their chubby and adorable little brother.  (You’ve heard of chick bait, right?  Same principle).NYC Kids Photographer_0006

But he scooted right on by.

This called for a strategy huddle.  NYC Kids Photographer_0007

“Hey,” exclaimed one — “let’s try a more aggressive approach!”
NYC Kids Photographer_0008

Still not the response they were hoping for.

Undeterred, they decided that an outfit change was the obvious next step.  Back to Stacie at LOL Kids.NYC Kids Photographer_0009 NYC Kids Photographer_0010

And time for another strategy session!NYC Kids Photographer_0011

This time, they had the right idea — play hard to get!NYC Kids Photographer_0020

“We’re not paying any attention to you, you dimple-faced heartthrob!”NYC Kids Photographer_0013

“What are you looking at?”NYC Kids Photographer_0014

Gotcha, Dimple Face.

NYC Kids Photographer_0019

Utterly triumphant at finally having captured his attention, the three girls decided it was time for some girl-only fun…NYC Kids Photographer_0015 NYC Kids Photographer_0016

And ice cream.  Because ice cream makes victory even sweeter.NYC Kids Photographer_0017 NYC Kids Photographer_0018The end.

It sure was a fun day.

I’ve got more photos from later in the day, too — a group of slightly older kids who each have more coolness in their 8-10 year old selves than I’ve accumulated in my (many more than that) years.  (Preview HERE). I don’t know if I’ll find quite as riveting a story in their images, but you never know.  I’ll show you those soon, and I’ll tell you some more about the super fun story of how this particular Monday afternoon came about.  (The cliff notes of that story — my pal Zoe is an awesome (and amazingly talented) friend to have.  And if you happen to propose organizing past workshop attendees get together for lunch, she just might turn it into an outlandish adventure beyond what you could ever have been imagining when you proposed said lunch reunion).

Hope you enjoyed my story.  If you’re the mom or Mimi of one of these fashion girls or dimpled boys, drop me a line HERE and I’d be happy to share these images with you!

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NYC Kids Photographer