December 3, 2015

Reflection |Connecticut Kids Photographer

The blog’s been kinda quiet lately.  I was keeping up with blogging sessions for a while this fall, but then, as always happens, I got so busy shooting and editing and ordering and designing storybook albums that I just fell behind.  That’s OK, I think.  Every year when I reach this point, when I’m finished (pretty much) with the shooting and editing and ordering and designing storybook albums, I start to feel nostalgic for the energy and fun of all those fall sessions.  And blogging them after the fact is a good way for me to revisit them with a new eye.

These three boys are a great start to my upcoming blog run.Connecticut Kids Photographer

Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer_0037

We’ve done the vast majority of their past sessions at home, and this was no exception.  This time, though, we explored a new part of their big backyard — a part that in the past had been forbidden territory.  I was told there were ALLIGATORS in there, in fact.  All I can say is that I’m really glad the alligators are gone.  It was a great place to play.  There’s a favorite HERE.

Connecticut Kids Photographer

Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer_0039

Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer_0040

Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer_0041

Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer_0042

Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer_0043

Connecticut Kids Photographer

Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer_0045

This one reminds me of “Where the Wild Things Are” — one of my favorite, favorite books.  I don’t know why, really.  Their dog Harley, while certainly fun-loving, is not what I’d call wild.  Scarsdale Lifestyle Photographer_0046

I do love being their Connecticut Kids Photographer.  Can’t wait til next time …

Thanks for looking!