"We may lose and we may win; but we will never be here again."

The Eagles

I'm taking it easy for the summer.

"Summer status" for me means jumping off the prep-shoot-cull-edit-share-ogle-design hamster wheel and taking a big, deep breath.  

In summer, I only schedule sessions for newborns and Baby Planners.  I'll be tap-tap-tapping away at my laptop in my Breezy Point beach house in between those sessions making things happen behind the scenes, but the magical family session cycle has otherwise been put on pause. I'll be catching up, recharging the batteries, working on the business side of things, and spending good quality time with my family and friends. I’ll be back full-time in late August, ready to hit the ground running for a crazy fall.

Summer 2023 has some fun things in store for me personally. We're headed to a friend's lake house one weekend, taking a short combination work/play trip to Atlanta at the end of this month, and once again hosting a steady stream of family and friends here at the beach. No big life-altering trips, but exactly the kind of summer we envisioned when we renovated this little beach house last year.

What else... Two kids are living and working in the city now and are showing up regularly here at the beach via the NYC ferry for weekend escapes, usually with some other NYC escapees in tow. One of the two kids who still lives at home is lifeguarding on the Breezy Point beach for the summer and recording his next album in the basement most evenings. (Have you heard his first album? You can hear it HERE on Spotify and Apple Music). The other is working in maintenance at a local beach club by day and scooping ice-cream at the local snack bar by night. All of them join us on the beach regularly and come to our unique multi-generational live-music beach bar most weekends. The famed "Awning Brothers" -- consisting of my two middle boys and with frequent guest appearances by my daughter and youngest son -- have their next big gig there in mid August.

The summer schedule is fun, I tell you - and fitting work into all this fun takes some real discipline. But trust me -- it's still happening!

You can still keep up with me here on the blog and on Instagram, where I’ll be getting back to sharing photos from the last gajillion sessions, and possibly penning an occasional thought on life and photos and whatnot now and again.

So, that's the story. I hope you'll stick around and see how it goes.

Can't get enough of my ramblings and this summer pace just isn't doing it for you? I've organized some repurposed content here just for you:

Travel Advice

If you’ve got travel plans, you'll definitely want to have a look at this article I wrote for the National Association of Professional Child Photographers about how to take photos on your trip that you’ll treasure forever. I shared some thoughts recently about what family travel means to me now -- as a mother of 'big kids' -- that you might enjoy.  I've also shared some more general tips about Traveling with a Large Family more recently in response to being asked by so many clients how I get past the craziness and just do it.

Photography Advice

If brushing up on your photography is on your summer bucket list, you can pick up my free downloadable guide for taking better photos of your kids here.   If that whets your whistle for some more in-depth photography instruction, check out the workshops I offer for parents and get on the list for info when offerings and dates are announced.  

Photo Organization and Printing Advice

If organizing and printing your personal photos is on your to-do list for the lazy days of summer, you might enjoy my "Cobbler Series" on the blog.  I've got tips there for organizing and printing your photos as well as for making photo books that will keep the memories they hold at your fingertips to enjoy forever.

If talk of photo organization and album design sounds super interesting to you but you've come to terms with the reality that you will never find the time, check out my newest product offering -- the Gabriel Companion Book. It's genius, I tell you.

Remember This Was Beautiful

And whether you’re traveling or staying home, take a second for a refresher on my favorite crazy-time-of-year advice -- It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to share this twice a year at Christmastime and every summer. So many people have told me they’ve enjoyed it and taken it to heart, I’m continuing the tradition. (You know you’re curious. Go ahead, click on over. You won’t regret it. Promise).

That's all for now, friends.  If you'd like to book or to chat about anything at all, be sure to use the "contact" button above or shoot me an email.  I may be a bit slower to reply, but I promise I'll get back to you.  Any updates are always shared first via email with my VIPs --  you can become one here.   My annual Christmas Card Micro Mini Session event will be back this fall, and clients who have already booked a date for 2024 will get first dibs on those slots when they're announced in September. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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