Unsolicited Holiday Advice

It’s two days ’til Christmas.  For many people (including me), the real festivities start on Christmas eve, so it’s there’s really only one day before the celebrations start.  Wait -- who are we kidding?  The entire month of December has become “Christmas” for most of us -- between  the parties at school, gatherings with friends and neighbors, office parties, annual holiday traditions of day trips and shows and outings and bake-fests and concerts and gingerbread houses and grab bags and Kris Kringles and Santa visits, it’s REALLY busy.  And I haven’t even mentioned the shopping, wrapping, cleaning, decorating and cooking that’s involved in getting ready for all these holiday-themed traditions and events, as well as for the big day.  You get my point, though -- it’s nuts.  Nuts in a (mostly) good way, but definitely nuts.

That’s why I wanted to stop in this morning with a quick piece of random, unsolicited advice.  (Those of you who subscribe to my newsletter have heard this advice before in the context of summertime.  Many of you told me you enjoyed it and it certainly applies at least as well to this time of year, so I've decided to succumb to my tendency to repeat myself).

Right before my wedding day, someone told me that throughout the ceremony and reception, I should try to stop occasionally and take a mental snapshot. The day goes so quickly, he said, that you won’t remember any of it if you don’t. I took his advice. Just slowed down my mind a few times during the event, looked around me, thought about what was happening, and appreciated the moment. And he was right -- those moments are the only ones I truly remember from that day. And I’m so happy to have them. My advice? Do this throughout your “regular” days surrounding the holiday season. Life goes really fast -- especially when kids are involved. Don’t take it for granted that you’ll remember the random things that happen during these days. Take pictures, of course, but also take lots of those “mental snapshots.”  You’ll be happy to have them in the future when looking back on Christmas of 2013.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  See you in 2014!

~ Jaye

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