You probably already know that my accordion-like "catch and release" approach during sessions is designed so that I can capture a few of the classic combinations everyone wants from a photo session -- a few of the whole family, a few of the siblings together, etc. -- while keeping the vibe really relaxed and allowing plenty of time to see what unravels naturally. What you might not know is that my favorite, favorite photos from each session tend to come from those "see what happens" phases.

Think about it. If you're hiring me, it's not because you want that perfect 24x36 matted and framed portrait of your toddler triplets in matching smocked bubbles contentedly gazing into the camera lens while propped in a bucket amidst a field of wildflowers. (If that's what you're looking for .... thanks for coming, but you're in the wrong place, friend!) No, you're here because you're at least a little bit enamored of how crazy and chaotic your life is right now -- just smitten enough that you desperately want to remember this stage -- and you know that capturing the crazy is not easy. The "capturing the crazy" part can sometimes happen during one of my "smooshes" -- those bossier parts of each session -- but they're muuuuuch more likely to show themselves when I give you and your family the space to be yourselves without much input from me.

I talk more about how the magic happens HERE and HERE.

Let's make some magic, shall we?

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