Yesterday, I posted on my Instagram feed about delivering the third and final chapter book of this cutie's Baby Plan year. I spoke about unboxing my photo books as being one of my favorite parts of the whole Jaye McLaughlin Photo experience.

Some other favorite parts I listed?

Spending time with (and really getting to know) my families.

Going through the photos for the first time after upload.

Seeing or hearing the family's reaction to the photos for the first time.

Soon after posting, I hopped in my car and headed over to hand-deliver the beautiful McGuire Storybook to this (local) family. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by big brother, who had a few little friends over for a playdate. His smile upon seeing me melted me. But then, it got better. After taking the beautifully wrapped package from me and promising to deliver it to mommy, he looked to his friends and introduced me.

"This is my .... Jaye," he said.

Had he been searching for "photographer"? "Friend"? "Goofy lady who comes to play with me and my baby brother every few months?" I don't know.

All this to say that the relationships I am able to form with these wonderful people (babies, kids and parents alike) are probably my favorite, favorite part of the process.

A perk of the Baby Plan is an included downloadable slideshow of my personal favorites from all the sessions from Baby's first year. This is headed over to them now. Our Baby Plan year is over, but I hope to see these cuties again soon!

(They grow SO fast, don't they? You can see some more Baby Plan progressions HERE and HERE and HERE).

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