This month, I have the honor of serving as an evaluator for NAPCP's Master Photographer Certification Program in the lifestyle category. The Master Photographer Certification Program has been around for a few years (see my description of some of my other favorite categories HERE, HERE and HERE), but "lifestyle" is a new category this year. The objective of this NAPCP Program is to provide a means to demonstrate the ability of an artist to shoot in a variety of different settings and situations, exhibiting mastery of the specific niche.

Official details are HERE.

"Lifestyle", of course, is my favorite, favorite niche, and I'm totally thrilled to be part of this process.

What is lifestyle photography, though?

Funny you should ask. Several fellow photographers have asked me that since the category was announced earlier this month, and I find myself using lots of mushy, gushy words to describe a style that -- if I'm honest -- is a little hard to define. I'm currently working on a NEW definition that's rooted in the WHY behind the photos. WHY do "lifestyle" photographers do things the way they do? WHY do families seek out these lifestyle photographers? WHY do the images have that certain something-something in common? Stay tuned for some poetic waxing on that here.

family with twins a newborn and a dog cuddling on a couch

In the meantime, now seems like a primo time to share a definition of Lifestyle Photography I wrote a few years ago for Inspired Magazine. Do you love a good analogy? Do you love lifestyle photography? Do you love PIZZA? (Duh....). I give you "Lifestyle Photography as Good Pizza, and How to Make the Perfect Pie." Go ahead - click below.

If you've got questions about lifestyle photography or the NAPCP Master Photographer Certification Program, feel free to reach out.

Thank you, NAPCP, for this opportunity!

Thanks for looking,



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