It's a hat trick, folks.

Many months back, when NAPCP started its Master Photographer Certification program, I decided to apply for the three certifications that mattered most to me. Master Baby Photographer, Master Family Photographer, and Master Newborn Photographer. It's important to me to always push myself to learn more, and these kinds of challenges are one of the best ways to engage in self-critique, collaboration and review with fellow photographers, and growth.

I received my Master Baby Photographer Certification back in March, and talked about it HERE.

Next up was the Master Family Photographer goal - this one felt like a real validation, as I consider families my main jam. Like the Baby category, the Family category required submission of 25 family images with unique subjects, poses and locations. Having a portfolio of 25 different families was important because it represents a wide breadth of work and shows expertise in that field over time. The portfolio was then scored based on consistency and technical skill.

Hearing that I'd earned the family certification in June was a nice boost in a busy spring! I shared the photos in my gallery submission in a fun slideshow on Instagram at the time - you can see it now HERE by looking in my "Family" highlight, and I also shared some images in THIS blog post.

The suspense is building, amiright? Fueled by these exciting successes, I next tackled the newborn category. Application for this master certification had an added layer - mastery required the completion of a Newborn Certification Course focused on newborn safety -- I mean, who doesn't want an added level of peace of mind when it comes to our newest additions?

When I got the happy news that I had earned the certification back in October, I was swimming in client newborn and family galleries and didn't manage to find time to share - not even on Instagram. I'm here now, though, to share a gallery of "master" newborn images that are sure to make you smile.

I'm grateful to National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) for providing these kinds of opportunities to photographers like me. In many ways, the curation of the gallery was itself a great instrument of growth. I’m proud to have been selected for these honor and to have added my name to the fairly small list of talented photographers who also hold these certifications.

Wanna see the latest piece of "hardware"?

So, are you expecting in addition in 2022? Why not give me a call? You and your bundle of joy will be in the hands of a master. 🙂

Thanks for looking,


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