Thankful 2019 | Jaye McLaughlin Photography

“Wherever time may take you in your life, remember this was beautiful.” ~The Pat McGuire Band We’re here, friends.  At my favorite time of year. I’m entering my tenth (TENTH!) year as a family lifestyle photographer.  Every year at this time, as busy season winds down, I am literally overwhelmed with gratitude to all of the people who make this life as a family lifestyle photographer possible.  This year has been the best yet, and though my aging back may be sore from too many hours logged at the computer, Thanksgiving couldn’t come at a better time for Jaye McLaughlin the family photographer.  Who’s luckier, or more thankful, than me?  (You guys, I used to be a patent lawyer. Think about that). The photos in my annual Thankful video tell a story of babies and kids whom I know.  Many of them, I’ve known since before they were born.  I’m able to witness and capture their true selves and their true relationships because their families have welcomed me into their home and made me part of their yearly routine. Moms and dads who may have been shy or reluctant to open up at first have now been through it all before and know first hand how to enjoy my visit and what a treasure my documentation of our time together becomes to their families after the fact. The truth is that there are very few one-timers — whether it’s multiple times per year, yearly, or every few years – I’m lucky to be be building a tangible chronology for many of my families.  (That’s my job, you guys. Again, think about that. How lucky am I?) This lucky spot brings me to the annual chore that keeps me up too late at the computer every year during Thanksgiving week (reference the aforementioned sore back), trying to narrow down the thousands of photos I take every year to a reasonable number in a video that best tells the story of my gratitude.  Here it is, friends.  Enjoy it.  (And you’d be crazy, in my book, not to look back at last year’s video HERE  – or to click through after that through all the past ones for that matter.)  Enjoy, and keep scrolling for a special Black Friday/Small Business Saturday deal after you watch it.

It really has been a stellar year.  I took a big leap this year and rebranded as Jaye McLaughlin Photography. (Hey, it’s me!) Capturing “the life in the years” of repeat families and new families will always be the heart and soul of my business, but I’ve got preschools and teaching helping me make and develop relationships in my community now, too. (Hello, preschool families! Welcome!) Speaking of teaching, Registration for my 2020 Freeze Ray Basics Workshops is now open and for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday, I’m offering a big special! The first three people to book both sessions of my fun basic photography workshops for parents can do so for $100 off.  After that, everyone who registers by Tuesday, December 3 gets $50 off their total for both sessions. Been meaning to learn how to use your camera to take better photos of your kids?  Check out the details and dates HERE and grab the moment. Mention this post in your inquiry. One more time, THANK YOU all for welcoming me into your lives and showing me what you love the most so that I can mirror it back to you.  (As my job. Yep.) Did the slideshow make you cry?  Be a peach and drop me a line to let me know.  You know I live for that, right? Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for looking, ~ Jaye  

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