January 1, 2020

2020 Vision | P52 | Jaye McLaughlin Photography

Happy 2020, friends!

This time of year, everyone’s talking about goals and projects.  I’ve got my fair share of goals.  As for projects, I’ve attempted many.  There have only been two, though, that stuck throughout the year.  My 2014 “Words and Pictures” project, and my (AWESOME) 2015 “One Second Every Day” project. So … it’s been a few years since I’ve made it through January with a personal project/photo challenge. Might 2020 be that magical year In which I complete #3?

Consider this my first installment of a weekly project for 2020 – I’m calling it “2020 Vision” and I’ll be using the hashtag #2020VisionJMcL on Instagram. Beyond that, I’m not sure how (or, ahem, if) this will play out. But one of the p52 communities I’m looking into suggested a “self portrait” prompt, and I’m figuring that if I start out with a hard one (really hard for me), I’m more likely to stick with it in the coming weeks. Want to follow along or play along or do some kind of accountability loop?  Stay tuned here or email me at jaye@jayemclaughlin.com and we’ll figure it out!

Thanks for looking,