November 20, 2018

Thankful 2018 | The Life in Your Years Photography

“Wherever time may take you in your life,

remember this was beautiful.”

~The Pat McGuire Band


It’s that time again, friends.

It’s that time when I take a break from the big wind-down from an especially great year and compile.  Reflect.  And THANK all of you.

This is the eighth annual Thankful video.  I know I sound like a broken record, but it really bears repeating that I feel SO incredibly lucky to be doing this LYYP thing, and that I couldn’t do it without YOU.  You’ve allowed me into your homes year after year.  I’ve watched your families grow, I’ve watched your babies become big kids, and I’ve gotten to know each of your families.  I don’t take this privilege lightly and I’m thankful every day, but especially this week.

I hope you enjoyed the video above, and if you have a few more minutes, I’d love for you to watch last year’s video, too.  It’s right HERE.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be smiling and singing along.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanks for looking,