August 20, 2019

Moments of the Month | March 2019

Lots of good things happened in March.

First time seeing the Grasslighters in Breezy Point …

Lots of rugby games …

Emmett’s 16th birthday …

I taught myself studio lighting so that I could take actor headshots for the Pelham Children’s Theater.  Lucky to have such a great and willing model.

I went to the fabulous Family Narrative family photography conference and took a surprisingly small number of photos.

I held my Freeze Ray Basics class.

Had “dump dump day”!  We’ve been having homemade dumpling nights for years, but it’s gotten that catchy name just in the last few years.

Also lots of awesome winter sessions, a trip to the DMV, a bar mitzvah with law school friends and a fancy night out on St. Patrick’s Day (no photos?  wow, I’m really becoming a slacker).

March was a good month, alright!

Thanks for looking,