March 26, 2019

Winter Sessions | A Quick Roundup

OK, I’m just gonna say it.  Winter sessions are my favorite because everyone is happy to stay inside and capture the real, and nobody is thinking about their darn holiday card.

I just went into my January-March collection to do a random grab to highlight in my March newsletter, and I made this (old) realization.  There are SO many faves every winter and this, I’m convinced, is the reason.

A quick note about holiday card photos before I get back to drafting my March newsletter.  I have nothing against holiday card photos.  We all need them.  They’re important and they’re fun.  They’re the reason, in fact, that I started my annual FREE Holiday Card Micro Mini Session event.  So that we can get it done.  But my oh my, it’s THESE kinds of photos — in the dead of winter when all we care about is telling your story — that keep me doing what I do.  (I’ve talked about why I don’t want to be your Christmas Card photographer before if you missed it).

That’s all.  This does NOT count as your blog post, my wonderful winter peeps.  I just couldn’t hold these all in until my blogging (now still in early fall of 2018, I think) catches up to my favorite winter months. 😉

Thanks for looking,