August 18, 2019

Games | Westchester In Home Photography

It was at this session last winter when I decided that “Jenga” was my favorite activity for Westchester In Home Photography sessions.  Just look at these expressions, and especially notice how big brother gives mom a giant sympathetic hug when she knocks down the tower.  Priceless.  

Jenga was just one of the fun things from my morning with this repeat family.  (The last one was a few years ago – you can see it HERE).  We also baked, jumped on beds, and even jumped on the trampoline a bit on that cold February morning.  We don’t need warm days to have fun!  (Imagine if we did?  That would be so sad …)

Even just hanging out in the kids’ rooms is fun, if you ask me, and is also a great way to get intimate glimpses of their personalities.  Each one’s different, of course, and they shine brightest at home.  (You may remember that I shared a few faves from my winter sessions HERE and talked about why I love them best.  Winter sessions are awesome. Wouldn’t you agree?)

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